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Heartfulness in a fear- based society

My son had a nightmare last night.

He dreamt about creatures that live in the water, they attacked him and sucked all the energy out of him. He was very scared and woke up screaming.

When he asked me ‘ are these creatures real, mommy?’ It would have been the easiest for me to tell him there are no such things. To reassure him and tell him that it was just a nightmare. To say that it was just a silly dream and he had no reason to be scared.

But I couldn’t.. cause it just wouldn’t be the truth.

Instead I told him that his life-force can only be stolen if he feels frightened and scared. Because fear is what these creatures feed on. I told him that they cannot touch him if he goes with his attention to his heart and concentrates on Love, Joy and Happiness. What helps is making a picture of himself, playing with his friends, dogs and cats.. Re – living the feelings of love and joy he feels when he is playing…

Whether you call them narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths or just people without empathy..entities, dementors, demiurges or djinns.. the media, politicians or multinationals..

How we name them is not of great importance. The fact is that there are people or creatures who feed on the frequency of fear, anger and frustration.

That’s why all marketing strategies are based on awakening our fears. The fear of missing out, the fear of disconnection, the fear of not belonging, the fear for loss, the fear of the other… you name it. Fear, anger and frustration wins elections and sells almost anything..

So creatures who feed on these lower frequency feelings do exist! In different formats.. And if we react in the way that generates more of the energy which they feed on, by being scared, angry and frustrated we give them more and more power and life-force.. because this lower frequency is theirs

But the energy flows where our attention goes. So when we consciously bring our attention to our heart and generate feelings of Love, Joy and Happiness.. we bring our energy to another frequency. A frequency where these people or creatures can’t feed on. They can’t feed on Heart energy.

So next time you meet a narcissist, an energy sucking creature of any other kind or when you simply watch the news-channel… and you feel fear, you get angry or frustrated.. try to do this heart-full exercise. Take your attention to the centre of your heart, bread trough your heart and picture yourself feeling Love and Joy… concentrate on these feelings.. on your heart- power!

You will feel more energetic and less exhausted. Your energy will not feed the narcissist.. You will be full of confidence and protected. The narcissist will probably leave you alone because he doesn’t have any power over you. And you do not give him your life-power ( or your money) You will generate a heart-frequency, which feeds your own life force!

I know it takes a whole lot of exercise to be able to overcome our fears and not give our energy and power away. It takes a lot of effort and practice to move our perception towards our self, our heart, our love, joy and happiness. I practice heart-meditation already for several years and still need to practice every day..

But as they say: Learned Young is Done Old

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