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If the storm outside is too violent, go inside.

Develop your inner heart space, make it cozy, a safe place where it is light and calm.

Turn your focus inward and breathe through your heart.

There is no support in the words of another, do not seek leadership outside yourself, be your own inner authority.

Observe the world around you from a distance, don't get carried away with the collective fear and frenzy. Take a step back and don't judge.


Hold on to the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for the great little things. For the sun that rises every day, for the earth that nourishes and welcomes you, the smile of a child.

Hold on to the little big things. Your dog that comes to meet you with a wagging tail, the wind that caresses your cheeks and the rain that gives life.

Hold on to the love in your heart for the loved ones of today and those of yore.

Hold on to the beauty of the stars and be amazed.

Hold on to the joy of the little big things

Anchor in yourself, in your own heart and dance in the storm.

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